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Watch: Redmi Smart Band Pro Launched Can Detect Fitness

Watch: Redmi Smart Band Pro Launched Can Detect Fitness

Xiaomi launched its latest smartwatch product under the name Redmi Smart Band Pro. This watch is said to be able to detect the fitness of the wearer.

This was conveyed by Xiaomi Global, Monday (1/11/2021). "#Redmi Smart Band Pro meet all your needs. Not only is it a health monitor but also a fitness tracker!#Bigger Display Better Fitness#Smart Living For Everyone," Xiaomi tweeted.

Xiaomi has just announced the presence of its newest smartband, the Redmi Smart Band Pro. As the name implies, this smartband comes with a number of new improvements and features compared to the previous generation.

This smartwatch is said to have a larger screen than the previous generation. It is also more supportive for fitness conscious users.

This watch is equipped with more than 110 settings for fitness training. Xiaomi's new device can also be used to nyemplung in the water aka swimming with a limit of 5 ATMs.

However, Xiaomi said this watch is not intended for diving or sauna. "Not suitable for saunas or diving or other deep water activities," Xiaomi wrote.

This clock is also called can detect the quality of sleep. In addition, heart rate detection aka SpO2 monitoring. "However, the sSpO2 feature is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis of any disease," Xiaomi added in its product statement.

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Reported by Liputan.com, Monday, the smartband uses a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen with a maximum brightness of 450 nits and a density of 282 ppi. The screen is also protected with 2.5D tempered glass.

According to Xiaomi, Redmi Smart Band Pro is capable of detecting more than 110 types of sports and 15 of them are professional sports. 

As a supporter of its performance, this smartband is equipped with a battery capacity of 200mAh. Xiaomi claims this smartband can last up to 14 days in normal use, while in power-saving conditions can reach 20 days.

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