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Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022
Not even $100 can be styled with a smartwatch! productnation

Smartwatches are getting more attention especially among watch enthusiasts. It has undergone technological changes that are not only indicators of time but can perform any recording system in terms of health, answering calls or taking pictures.

Many consider smartwatches to sell for hundreds of dollars even on them. 

Not! Actually from the Amazon and Alibaba sites you can still buy smartwatches for under $100. 



10 Cheap Smartwatches Under the Best RM100 2022
Tips for Choosing a Smartwatch

10 Cheap Smartwatches Under the Best RM100 2022

V8 Smartwatch Android
Y5 Smart Watch
Sakura F28 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch
T500 Smartwatch Series 5
Haylou Solar LS05 SmartWatch
Huawei Band 4e Smartband Smartwatch
HW16 Full Screen Smart Watch
GT08 Smartwatch
DZ09 Smart Watch Phone support Bluetooth Handsfree 
Q19 Kids Smart Watch productnation

Check out V8 Smartwatch Android 

below price: $14

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Android phone users should choose this smartwatch from the V8. 

It has a 1.22-inch touchscreen, small and light on the hands and has a 1.3MP front camera.

The sports mode on this watch can count calories from a variety of optional sports such as running, cycling and more. 

In addition, it also has reminder notifications for the wearer to make movements, phone search settings and record sleep data. 

The battery's 450mAh durability, on the other hand, lasts up to 12 days, however this smartwatch does not have a GPS tracker.   

Check out the Y5 Smart Watch 

Prices below:  £16.99

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Smartwatch Y5 is complete with 7 modes such as badminton, running, running and more.

It also includes data monitoring heart rate, calories, oximeters and sleep. All data can be stored and analyzed in an easy-to-read graph.

Interestingly, this device not only serves as a fitness tracker but can connect with smartphones to see messages in and out, control play songs, take pictures and more.

It's small with a touchscreen resolution of 1.54ips and most surprisingly you can continue to listen to music played from this hour. Because it has quality speaker stereo.

Check out Sakura F28 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch 

Below:  10.99

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

This Smartwatch Sakura F28 can be used as a complement to your lifestyle without spending big! 

Simple design, 1.57-inch touchscreen and features attractive display screens suitable for men and women. 

This cheap smartwatch is complete with various sports modes along with GPS connection, calorie count, blood pressure, sleep quality control and pulse. 

Android and iOS device users just need to connect their smartphones with Bluetooth or can download the WearFit Pro app.

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Check out T500 Smartwatch Series 5 

Prices below:  $24.99

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Some of the most popular cheap smartwatches in Shopee and Lazada! 

It features a smartwatch that is IP67 waterproof suitable for those of you who do water or fishing activities. 

The 1.44-inch colored touchscreen display is perfect with health data display and various notifications from smartphone connections.

Check out The Haylou Solar LS05 SmartWatch 

Price Under: $45.99

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

The Haylou Solar LS05 smartwatch model is well worth it for below $100.

It works just like any other smartwatch that is complete with health mode, connection on device and can be worn everyday with the advantages of IP68 waterproofing.

Don't be surprised, the brand has its own Haylou Fit app that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and app Store. Where users can accurately monitor the achievements of exercise and health. 

If you're just trying out smartwatches, we recommend Haylou Solar LS05!

Check out Huawei Band 4e Smartband Smartwatch 

Price below:  $19


Stylish, compact and sporty design of the Huawei Band 4e smartwatch.

If you're a basketball enthusiast, this is a special smartwatch for you. It is specifically with the mod of basketball games and professional running. 

Complete with tracking fitness reports namely jump, step impact, angle of hayunan, distance of steps and so on. All of this is based on ciss advanced system that is the analysis center helps the user find out more about exercise data.

Battery power can last up to 14 days with 40 hours of run mode.  

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Check out HW16 Full Screen Smart Watch 

Prices below: $47.01

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Among the smartwatches equipped with a security system using a password. 

Even with prices below $100, this HW16 model has a great range of functions such as answering phone calls, split screen displays and health data controls. 

There are 10 modes of health control in this smartwatch where the wearer is able to manage stress, sleep arrangements, oxygen levels in the blood and breathing exercises. 

It is small but complex with a variety of styles that facilitates the wearer's day-to-day work.   

Check out the GT08 Smartwatch 

Below price:  $24.06

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

These watches have various main functions especially to personal health which are monitoring blood pressure, oxygen in the blood, heart rate and even sleep control. 

You can also play MP3 or MP4 music from on this watch, as it provides a great listening experience. 

With Bluetooth connectivity you can directly connect smartwatches directly to your smartphone, whether android or iOS. 

The language functions can also be changed to English and Mandarin.   

Check out DZ09 Smart Watch Phone support Bluetooth Handsfree 

Price below:  $7.50

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

This inexpensive smartwatch comes with a 0.3MP front camera and a 1.56-inch touchscreen display. 

The picture taken is quite clear with a resolution of 240x240.

In addition, it also has Bluetooth that gives users to receive smartphone calls from this watch. 

A watch with advanced technological features that has a body made of soft iron with fairly decent hand work.

In addition, it's attractive with its high-quality ergonomic design along with 3D VR glass making it suitable for those who want something sophisticated but inexpensive.   

Check out Q19 Kids Smart Watch 

Below: $31.63

Top 10 Cheap Smartwatches Below $100 2022

Surely many parents want to keep their children alert and continue to monitor their movements wherever they may be.

Now innovations from the Q19 smartwatch allow parents to easily monitor children's locations. 

This smartwatch is complete for filling out a micro sim card, where you can make a call at once connecting through a watch.

Besides that, it is also very comfortable on the little one's wrist to wear on a daily basis.  

Tips for Choosing a Smartwatch

There are a few things you need to identify before buying a smartwatch. It's not what, if it's a mis-buy, it's a loss because such a device requires the right connection. Want to know how? 

  • Get to know the brands and settings available in your chosen smartwatch. 
  • Is it compatible with Android or iOS devices.
  • Functional options also play a role. If you want to monitor health, sleep control and exercise data. It's best to choose a smartwatch that has such a rule. Otherwise it's a loss!
  • Don't forget, smartwatches need to be charged. Depending on current use, some hours can last up to two weeks or a month without having to charge.
  • Finally, the role of waterproofing is also important. Even more so if you regularly engage in water sports activities or sweat often.  
Note !

Prices listed from Alibaba and Amazon, could be different because of discounts or price increases.

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