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The Best Smartwatch with Phone Functionality: from Budget to Premium Models

Gone are the days when smartwatch used Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and make calls. There are now watches that can use 4G/LTE and don't require a phone. We present the best models for early 2022

The best smartwatch with phone functionality: from budget to premium models

Smartwatch with phone functionality: what to consider when choosing

From a smartwatch point of view, the presence of a standard 4G/LTE in it allows you to connect to your carrier's tariff plan without using a phone. This means you can receive calls, listen to music, use apps, send messages and so on without your smartphone. However, there are some watches that also use this offline connection for other reasons and do not contain such features.

For a smartwatch to mimic your phone, it must be able to connect to the same carrier. And if you want to receive calls, you also need to associate your phone number on your smartphone with a watch. At the same time, smartwatch don't require a standard SIM card — most often they use eSIM technology or virtual SIM cards, which are already built into the software. So, it's time to give you the best smartwatch model with phone functionality to date.

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Apple Watch Series 7 and SE

The Apple Watch Series 7 has established itself as the best smartwatch available for early 2022. Most of its benefits come with an excellent set of standalone features.

The Best Smartwatch with Phone Functionality: from Budget to Premium Models

With built-in eSIM, you can not only create and receive calls and receive notifications, but also broadcast ringtones through Apple Music and Spotify right from your wrist. Since this feature was first introduced in the 3 Series, LTE coverage has become completely stable and reliable, so now there shouldn't be any problems with the functionality of this best smartwatch.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (4G LTE model)

The Apple Watch may be the best choice for those looking for the best smartwatch with LTE, but if your phone is on the Android operating system, "Apple" technology won't fit it very well. Instead, it's better to choose the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The Best Smartwatch with Phone Functionality: from Budget to Premium Models

The latest version of Samsung's smartwatch is now only available for Android and replaces its own Tizen software with Google Wear OS, which Samsung helped rebuild. It comes in a 40mm/44mm form factor for the Watch 4 and 42mm/46mm for the Watch 4 Classic. Connecting LTE to the Galaxy Watch 4 allows you to enjoy features similar to the Apple Watch, such as receiving calls, streaming music from Spotify and YouTube Music, as well as receiving notifications from apps.

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Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE

Garmin has long shied away from using LTE. Branded devices like vivoactive 3 can play music when connected to the network, but the company is not actively adding this feature to other watches. Garmin Forerunner 945 LTE was launched.

The Best Smartwatch with Phone Functionality: from Budget to Premium Models

Garmin took a triathlon-focused watch and ran, and introduced additional features to it. These features are used differently than on the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. Instead, Garmin has added LTE to take advantage of its security features, sharing real-time location information so family and friends know where you are, and receiving audio and text messages to increase motivation during competitions.

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