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5 Smartwatch Parables for Diving and Snorkeling

5 smartwatch parables for Diving and Snorkeling

As we know, the development of technology also enlivens the innovation of smartwatches, namely smartwatches designed to have a variety of advanced features. In general, smartwatches are equipped with health features and notifications that allow users to connect with a smartphone. 

Sophisticated smartwatches are often used when exercising, because the features offered are closely related to health. There's even a smartwatch for diving and snorkeling, you know! This allows users to use the smartwatch while active in the water.

5 Smartwatch Recommendations for Diving and Snorkeling

Some popular smartwatch brands in the world issue special smartwatches for diving and snorkeling activities. Popular brands include Garmin, Apple, Fitbit, and Suunto.

Here we attach 5 examples of popular smartwatch brands that are safe to use for diving and snorkeling activities!

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1. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa is able to survive in the water with a depth of up to 50 meters. This smartwatch is also equipped with Swim Tracking, so it is automatically safe and comfortable to use when swimming. Including water sports in diving areas that are not too deep or when snorkeling.

In addition, Fitbit Versa has a lightweight and modern design and features Fitbit OS 2.0 to monitor the health and fitness of its users. These features include PurePulse Heart Rate Tracking, Fitbit Coach, Smart Track, and 15+ sports modes.

2. Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct has been launched since November 2018 and is designed for outdoor activities and endurance in extreme terrain. Garmin Instinct has a military standard certificate from the United States.

The material used is made of premium materials and suitable for environments with high salt content, such as maritime.

So that the clock is resistant to corrosion and temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. Includes water resistance up to 100 ATMs or shocks from a height of 122 cm.


3. Apple Watch 3 Diving Smartwatch

The next smartwatch for diving and snorkeling is the Apple Watch 3 Diving Smartwatch. As the name implies, the watch is able to survive in water up to 50 meters.

Apple smartwatches are also connected to smartphone technology, so there's no need to bring your phone to use certain features.

The advantages of Smartwatch Diving Apple Watch 3 among others are monitoring heart rate, sports and health features, to GPS and altimeter. Although it can be used when snorkeling, but you still have to pay attention to a limited time.

4. Garmin Descent MK Series

Want to use a smartwatch while moving in the water depth up to 100 meters? Garmin Descent MK allows users to do just that. Because the watch can be converted into a diving method and features Freedive Hunt, Multi-gas, Gauge, CCR, free dive.

Even Garmin Descent MK can bring up notifications in the form of alerts when users dive at a certain depth. This is done to prevent divers from excess nitrogen piles.

That is why, this one smartwatch is recommended as a smartwatch for diving and snorkeling.

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5. Suunto D5

Suunto D5 is a Finnish smartwatch that has a resistance of up to 100 meters. Featured features offered include dive mode, nitrox, gauge, air, and free diving.

There is also a Suunto Tank POD to monitor gas use and pressure on the air tank, thus helping you to calculate the estimated time when using diving gas.

In addition, this smartwatch is also equipped with notifications in the form of vibrations when the user goes to the surface. Includes suggestions to pause when the user rises to the surface at a speed of 10 m / minute.

Suunto D5 is also supported by the Deep Stop feature which at any time warns you to stop diving when the depth has reached 20 meters more.

That's the information about smartwatches for diving and snorkeling. There are many more smartwatches that are safe to use when moving in the water. You can decide according to your needs.


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