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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: release date, leaks and rumors

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: release date, leaks and rumors

This time it will probably see the launch of Samsung's new flagship smartwatch, ready to fight the upcoming coronation of the Apple Watch — and possibly Google's long-awaited Pixel Watch, but we won't be interesting discussing that for now.

Samsung's new smartwatch will be the successor to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, both of which land in the summer of 2021,

replacing the old Galaxy Watch 3 and relentlessly being one of the stylish smartwatches you can buy. 

It would be fair to say the company's product launch schedule as a certain crony to it. You know, like a watch. 

Now much is known at this early stage, but we've put together everything we've seen on the channel so far, and what we expect to see ahead of the Galaxy Watch 5's recent appearance in 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Release Date

Thanks to the time that has passed and we mentioned before, we can say with confidence that the Galaxy Watch 5 will arrive in August. 

That's the month where Samsung launches the Watch 4 in 2021 and the Watch 3 in 2020, so this time we'll be using the same schedule.

This forecast is supported by a report from South Korean point The Elec, which reported in November how the watch will arrive in parts of the smartwatch market in 2022.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung hosts a live product launch event for the Galaxy Watch 5, or sticks with the online-only disclosures that have become our custom for the past few years.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price

The Galaxy Watch 4 launches at a retail price starting at £249, while the Watch 4 Classic is being touted as a more ultramahal wearable device, priced at £349. By January 2022, 

the former was unchanged but the latter has been cut by Samsung to £269 for the lower 42 mm model and £289 for the larger 46 mm interpretation.
You You migth like:

Added 4G connectivity to the Watch 4 Classic and prices for the two sizes rose to £309 and £329 separately.

We haven't heard about pricing for the Galaxy Watch 5, but would anticipate Samsung to follow an analog pattern, publishing two models, each with two sizes and available with or without 4G.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung returns the £100 price difference between the Watch and Watch Classic, as the recent £80 discount for the Classic suggests that it may not sell as well as Samsung expected.

Design and handling of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: release date, leaks and rumors

It's still a long way, more than six months for the official launch of the Galaxy Watch 5, so there's nothing important to report yet. 

What we can say with confidence is that wearable devices won't have extendable screens or cameras.

Both of these features have been touted lately, as they were mentioned in Samsung's recent patent form.

And yes, the form does show a sketch of a 'smartwatch that can be rolled up with a camera'. 

But tech companies make patents like this all the time, with many designs now being refined — and those that come later, not in the time of the first sketch. 

Because of this, we recommend a summary not to highlight its benefits on Samsung smartwatches this time that have a screen or camera that can be rolled up.

Instead, we anticipate seeing only slight ornamental changes to the current generation galaxy watch, and although a slimmer design will always be welcome, 

we would love for the same consistency but with better battery life than previous models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 software and features

Last Time's Galaxy Watch 4 is the first to feature software co-developed by Google and Samsung. 

It's still called Wear Zilches, as it has been the name of Google's smartwatch operating system for now, but with the suffr ending 'powered by Samsung' it sounds a little down to the end.

This made for an interpretation of Wear Zilches that feels more like Samsung's internal operating system. 

We anticipate this trend to continue with the Galaxy Watch 5, with Samsung's presence indeed feeling more explosive throughout the Zilches.

We anticipate to see a variety of software changes for upcoming watches, from operating system aesthetics, to operation.

Possible new health and fitness functions, and advanced drill control will be accepted.

Most importantly, we expect Samsung to stop excluding non-Samsung smartphone owners from the watch's key features. 

We understand iPhone users aren't invited to parties (Apple Watch only works with iPhones, after each), but we're not Samsung lovers who exclude other Android users from the Galaxy Watch 4's EKG and blood pressure apps.

We expect this change for the Galaxy Watch 5, but it's no wonder that Samsung continues this trend even further.

Recently, we've been trying for better battery life. Samsung lowered its estimated watch battery life from two days for the Galaxy Watch 3 to 40 hours with the Watch 4. 

In the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review, they emphasized the actual number is close to 24 hours, or lower when used more intensely. 

Back to the 48 hours of reliable 48 hours for the Galaxy Watch 5, it will be warmly welcomed by its fans.

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