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Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS

Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS

As we know, Xiaomi does not only spawn smartphone products. There are already many AIoT products that come from Xiaomi and do have an affordable price. This time, Xiaomi first launched a smartwatch in Indonesia. The device is Mi Watch Lite.

The Mi Watch Lite that comes to the Daily Social testing table is black. This wearable device still has a box model. Unlike the pro series, this one series only has the basic function of a smartwatch that exists today. This means that Mi Watch Lite does not yet provide SpO2 functionality. But whether Xiaomi will add it through OTA, there is no information yet.


Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS


Mi Watch Lite smartwatch has the following specifications

  • 1.4-inch TFT 320 x 320 pixel display
  • 230 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0Sensor Connectivity
  • GPS/GLONASS, Heart rate, Barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
  • Dimensions41 x 35 x 10.9 mm
  • Weight 35 grams, 21 grams without strap

Fortunately, the battery life offered by Xiaomi on this smartwatch is different from smartwatches in general. Xiaomi promises the Mi Watch Lite to be usable for 9 days. Currently there are still many wearables that can only last two days.

Unboxing: It's just a charger

Yup, the sales package of Mi Watch Lite only contains a desktop charger only. This charger itself has a large enough dimensions, so (it should) be easily found when tucked away. Here's the shape of the charger:

Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS


The shape of the box is now back to a trend since Apple issued its smartwatch. Xiaomi seems to be taking the opportunity to re-present this boxed model on the Mi Watch Lite. The shape makes the people who use it like a techie style.

The watch strap attached to the Mi Watch Lite already uses rubber material. This material is certainly more suitable for those who like to exercise. However, this watch strap seems to have its own model. This makes the users have to directly buy through Xiaomi itself if they want to replace it.

According to data on Xiaomi's website in developed countries, the Mi Watch Lite uses a screen with tFT type. However, the view angle of the screen is not as limited as most TFT screens. It could be, indeed this one smartwatch uses a screen with ips type and has a touch feature. The screen also has no protector so it is highly recommended to attach a scratch-resistant coating.

The entire body of the Mi Watch Lite is made of plastic. However, Xiaomi makes this one device can survive at a water depth of 50 meters thanks to the certification of 5 ATMs it has. When I hold it, the Mi Watch Lite also feels very sturdy and does not feel cocooned. However, I don't know yet how strong his strength is when hit hard while exercising.

Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS
Live photo from mi watch lite

The Mi Watch Lite only has a button on its right side. This button serves to open the menu or app drawer you have. While at the bottom there is a heart rate scanner sensor.

The smartwatch is also equipped with a GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, and barometer. The device itself has 11 sports modes that can be measured. In addition, Mi Watch Lite can also measure sleep and can also help for breathing exercises.

Review: Mi Watch Lite: Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS

The device uses the Xiaomi Wear app to store all the data measured from the Mi Watch Lite. In addition, the application will also check whether there is a new firmware or not. You can also make settings for notifications that can be received by this smartwatch on Xiaomi Wear. Remember yes, the app is not Mi Fit!


Experience Using: Minimalism

Exactly a week before this article launched, I opened a sales package from Mi Watch Lite. Because I want to try to use it as much as possible, I immediately recharge up to 100%. I also installed the Xiaomi Wear app while recharging. The result: the app detects a new firmware. Nice!

The new firmware is very much waiting for every AIoT device. As a consumer, of course I want a device that is purchased without the presence of bugs and other software glitches. In addition, it is not uncommon for a firmware to offer a new function. It is possible (hopefully) Xiaomi can bring SpO2 detection on this one device.

Looking at the charger used, it seems to only be made specifically for the Mi Watch Lite only. It could be later (or previously) there are devices that have the same dimensions so that it can also be used to charge the battery. For the power source, this charger uses a USB interface, so it can be directly connected to the head of the smartphone charger or USB slot on the laptop.

Because at the time of opening the sales package I get a battery about 48%, charging to 100% takes about 1 hour. Xiaomi itself promises the battery will be full from completely empty to 100% within 2 hours only. The life life of this smartwatch is promised 9 days if used. But in fact after 7 days, this watch still has a battery of about 30%.

Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS

Review: Mi Watch Lite, Cheap Smartwatch with Basic Functionality and GPS

The problem I found on this smartwatch was on the notification side. These smartwatches often fail to display notifications and messages from Whatsapp and Telegram. In fact, all the requirements spelled out by Xiaomi Wear have been implemented. Message notifications can be obtained when this watch turns off the screen.

Voice calls over mobile will make this watch vibrate. However, voice calls via Whatsapp and Telegram I could never get. Just message that there was a missed call from the Whatsapp application that I got. This of course becomes a PR for Xiaomi in fixing its notifications.

This smartwatch has 11 types of sports that can be monitored. All of that includes outdoor running, treadmill, outdoor bike, indoor bike, free exercise, walking, trekking, cross-country running, pool swimming, open water swimming, and cricket. The watch also supports dives of up to 50 meters, but it's not worth not using in salt water.

This watch also has functions that include heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing, notifications, weather, clocks, alarms, flashlights, and music control. Of course, these features are commonly found on almost every smartwatch that has been on the market. Unfortunately, we do not find the features of the camera remote shutter, SpO2, and so on.

The music controls on this watch are more remote. This feature can be used in several applications that include music apps as well as Spotify on connected smartphones. So when exercising and want to listen to music, you also have to bring a smartphone connected to this smartwatch.

The presence of a compass on this one smartwatch is what makes it different from other affordable watches on the market. This will greatly help those who exercise and know which path has been traveled. All of that will be recorded and presented in the Xiaomi Wear application. And if we get lost in the forest, the compass can help us determine the direction of the road.

On Mi Watch Lite, users can also change the watch face so it is not boring. Xiaomi has also provided several watch faces that can be directly downloaded through the Xiaomi Wear application. However, at this time we cannot use a homemade watch face.

This smartwatch will be very suitable for women. For a big-bodied man like me, this watch doesn't look too small in the hand either. Its minimalist shape also makes it suitable for use in all activities. So, this watch is not only suitable for exercise but also good for style.

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In the end, Xiaomi issued a smartwatch in several major countries. One of the concerns is the Mi Watch Lite because it has an affordable price. In addition, Mi Watch Lite also offers some functions that certainly do not exist when using a regular watch.

The performance of this watch is quite good. Although Xiaomi does not provide information about the SoC and processor used, but this watch is quite responsive when operated. Its own functions are also easily accessible and have an uncomplicated interface.

The notification becomes a turn off of this smartwatch. When the screen is off, all message notifications from third-party apps will come in. Unfortunately, voice and video call notifications seem to fail to show up on this watch. In fact, notifications are currently an important function because all activities including work and relationships with colleagues (girlfriends) must be quickly responded to.

Xiaomi sells Mi Watch Lite for $ 62 only, fairly cheap. At that price, users have got a sports and style tool that has a GPS, compass, and heart rate scanner. This watch is perfect for those who want to upgrade from the Mi Band.


  • Battery life for more than a week
  • The design feels sturdy
  • 5 ATM 
  • A fairly responsive interface
  • The price is quite affordable
  • It has a GPS and compass


  • Third-party voice and video call notifications that failed to sign in
  • Watch straps are not common, so you have to buy directly from Xiaomi
that's the mi watch lite review, a cheap smartwatch with qualified features
To be more complete, you can check out this video

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