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It's a Stack of Smartwatch Features for Kids, There's an AI Scanner, What Does It Do?

It's a series of features imoo, a pioneer of smartwatches or watch phones for children.

Imoo is a brand that attaches importance to two things, namely communication and security.

This is the basis of the development of imoo to have four product choices by putting forward these two important things.

It's a Stack of Smartwatch Features for Kids, There's an AI Scanner, What Does It Do?

Imoo has been selling watch products that can call specifically for children aged 3-12 years since 2019

starting from Y1 which is the first watch phone that can make phone and voice messages for children.

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Then there is the Z2 that can make video calls, then Z5 which is the first watch phone that uses 4G networks for phones and video calls and Qualcomm Snap Dragon Wear 2011 processor, 

to the latest and most advanced series of Z6 with the world's first dual flip camera watch phone video call.

Various advanced features are also owned by all types of imoo watch phones, such as swimming waterproof IPX8, which makes it strong to swim to a depth of 20 meters,

a long standby battery with a capacity of 680 mAh that can last almost 7 days without charge, GPS satellites that make the location more accurate.

Furthermore, various applications owned by imoo that will support the growth and development of children such as the Z6 is the AI Scanner feature to tell what is around the child.

This feature is used by photographing animals and plants, then the system will read the image and provide information related to the image.

In addition, there is also a step count feature, class mode, to various educational applications that are packed with fun to learn to count and speak English.

PT. OASE Teknologi Asia which also houses Olike Indonesia officially cooperates and becomes the main distributor of imoo products.

"We are delighted with Imoo's joining our extended family. A very popular product with its advanced features that make children and parents feel safe and comfortable," said Anthoni Roderick P. as Public Relations Olike Indonesia, Saturday (12/18/2021).

According to him, imoo smartwatches this year experienced an increase in sales by 28 percent compared to 2020.

"Hopefully in the future we can maintain imoo as the top of mind smartwatch products for children. 

By joining imoo with us, this is a form of our commitment as a company that will always provide the most complete services and products for consumers. 

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As the sole distributor of imoo, we will also sell this product through cooperation partners, including in several Toys Kingdom and Gramedia spread across various regions" said Anthon.

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