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Healthy and Sporty Personal: Try the Huawei Watch GT 3 Series

I've personally tried various Huawei watch GT 3 sereies, a lot of impressions that I get while wearing it. 

For those of you who are healthy and sporty, there is no harm in tets Huawei watch GT 3 sereis and get a million benefits from it.

Healthy and Sporty Personal: Try the Huawei Watch GT 3 Series

Over the past month, I've been wearing six different new Huawei watches on my sleeve, trying to understand how the company wants to get people to wear them again. I've been writing about watches for a quarter of a century, from the most expensive to the cheapest models, and before my eyes the market is just shrinking. My parents continued to wear old mechanical models. And my kids, after a few years of fashion for smartwatches, left them - all the necessary functions are on the line, and for sports they prefer to use compact fitness bracelets. It turned out that I was alone in my family and into the target audience.


Healthy and Sporty Personal: Try the Huawei Watch GT 3 Series

On my wrist are various models of Huawei Watch GT 3 and Huawei Watch GT Runner. Bringing together the publicly owned operating system Harmony OS, where Huawei began transferring all its gadgets. What can be said – watches under the new system work as reliably as watches under watch OS or Android. Except that there are fewer apps for them, but I personally find it hard to think of what apps I missed.

Models with leather straps fit the business style well

The watch looks really good, especially the Huawei Watch GT 3 model with leather straps. The large selection of themes for the screen allows you to match it to any style in clothing, you can do it with an hour for all occasions. Despite the fact that these cases are made of stainless steel, in my hands they feel much lighter than my mechanical watches. And the GT Runner model with a titanium body and no feel at all in the hand. However, the back panel is plastic - otherwise, wireless charging will not work.

The watch is available with a two-size display - 46 mm and 42 mm. The first work without recharging for two weeks, the second - a week. The workmanship is perfect. In the "accessories" column - place a solid "offset". Very convenient and fast wireless magnetic charging is the best of all I have to use. There are also no complaints about the touchscreen - its brightness is enough even on sunny days.

Very comfortable controls - both through the touch screen and buttons. The main one with the head rotating, throws into the general menu, which can be rolled by turning the head "crown". The second programmatic button below brings up the exercise menu by default. In short, the design is honed to please fans of traditional watches. Who wants to replace their "mechanics" with "electronics"? That's me, ngo ngoo-ngo by the way.

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For health

In cases where I used to wear "mechanics", now I take a smartwatch. But to get me to wear them every day, they have to offer something more than just the right time. For my generation, this is health monitoring.

I've been using huawei's Health app for years, which tracks my heart rate, sleep, stress, weight, and blood oxygen. Chinese companies have collected a lot of data about me and I have been waiting for the second year when they finally start pushing them through neural networks and monitoring my health. So far, I've only been waiting for advice on how much time I should sleep - not solid. The most useful function for me now is the daily weight chart, but the data is provided there not by the smartwatch, but by the smart scales. But I still haven't lost hope and expect more benefits from Chinese artificial intelligence.

By the way, Huawei was the first to build its fitness tracker, and then the watch, the saturation function - monitoring oxygen levels in the blood (SpO2). This innovation coincided with the peak of the coronavirus epidemic and helped me a lot when I was sick with COVID-19. It was an indicator of oxygen levels in the blood that determined whether it was time to call an ambulance, or I would do so with outpatient treatment. During illness, by the way, he compared the accuracy of the readings to professional pulse oximeters - Huawei's deployment was smaller. Unlike the old bracelet, the modern Huawei Watch GT monitors oxygen levels in the blood continuously and all the time, but why I need it if I'm not sick is unclear. This feature is useful, for example, high in the mountains to prevent altitude sickness. But at an altitude where it's harmful to life (above 5 km), you throw everything excessive out of a backpack, even a toothbrush.

Pulse in the hand

Huawei's other great technology is heart rate measurement, which just at first glance seems simple. We're writing about this in detail here. On the new watch, the updated module comes with eight LEDs arranged in a circle and two light sources. And advanced algorithms based on artificial intelligence effectively protect against external interference, ensuring high measurement accuracy even when conducting intensive exercises.

In fact, it is the main module responsible for monitoring health – in combination with AI algorithms and accelerometers, it is used to determine sleep phase and stress levels. Let's be honest, a little. It's unclear why Huawei hasn't introduced a very useful electrocardiogram function, the company's technology allows this.

Well, in general, blood pressure measurement technology will be a killer application - then I will buy such watches for all my elderly relatives.

Other sensors are highly accurate internal barometers, which can also serve as altimeters. With very high accuracy.

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Personal trainer

But the main feature of the Huawei Watch GT 3 and especially the Huawei Watch GT Runner is training. 18 sports are available to owners – from running and swimming to jumping ropes and exotic ellipses. Such a vibrant training sound is quite demanding (but in English) it makes you do simple exercises.

A personal trainer who is with you and underwater

But the particular emphasis is on running training. Here Huawei uses its own TruSport technology. During a running session, the watch tracks heart rate, heart rate, and distance traveled, and uses intelligent algorithms to evaluate running index, stress level, load and recovery level, and recovery heart rate. Based on this data, watches provide professional recommendations on the intensity and duration of training, allowing you to make exercise more effective. The watch tracks your previous sports activities and gives you a professional and science-based running schedule. 

For serious running training, you can not do without a smart watch

Things, at first glance, cool. I even used it a few times - it was right for the first round. And then run for your pleasure, if for health. Or jump rope. That is, for health and weight loss, the device doesn't help much – after a few runs you'll get tired of displaying data, good music will help you lose weight more efficiently. But for people who are serious about running, You can't do it without a special watch. For example, my neighbor Ilya, who will run a marathon faster than 3 hours. "Even in the arena, after one lap, sometimes I do a cut-off, I press a button to know the speed," Ilya said, "For my purposes, without a sports watch, it's impossible. I need results, which is a certain time that I aspire to. And a lot of exercise is closely related to speed and heart rate." The problem is that Ilya runs on a professional Garmin Forrunner watch. While the Huawei Watch GT Runner lets you do almost anything, it won't switch to them. The same goes for other brand sneakers.

It is pleasant to have all the tracks from the slopes with you. But without gloves, you can ride only for photo shoots

Yes, I especially want to note the positioning accuracy – the Huawei Watch GT supports five major satellite navigation systems, parallel operations across two frequency bands, and rapid satellite search. Work is so cool.


For myself, I would choose a Huawei Watch GT 3 with a 46 mm dial and leather straps – they look much more expensive than they cost (less than 20,000 rubles), and help in the formation of good habits. They tracked sleep, pulse, stress, temperature and oxygen content in the blood.

For my wife, I would choose the same model, but with a 42 mm dial with white straps, a very stylish watch, and the same function.

There are also pure female models in the collection

I don't use my watch for physical activity. When I take it seriously, I'm followed by a resolute coach. But if I want to run a marathon, then my choice is the Huawei Watch GT Runner in a lightweight titanium container with silicone straps – I have quite a lot of their capabilities, and it costs three times less than the same Garmin Forrunner.

Yes, and I noticed that these are smartwatches, not phones - SIM cards are not inserted into them, they are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. Which is a big plus for me. First, it's cheaper. And second, a person who talks with a watch in his ear looks stupid. But this is my personal opinion.

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