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Amazfit Bip U and Beep U Pro Review, Best Picks

Amazfit Bip U and Beep U Pro Review, best picks

FoQe.net - Smartwatch devices continue to attract enthusiasts from various circles. 

Not only a timepiece, but a watch equipped with various features ranging from fitness tracker, GPS, to be able to connect the phone control to the smartwatch.

Amazfit is one of the smartwatches that have diverse features but has an affordable price. One of the most popular Amazfit smartwatches is the Beep U Series.

Previously, Foqenet had been able to review one of its variants, namely Amazfit Bip U Pro. 

In terms of price, these two products have prices that are only slightly different. 

Beep U is priced at $59.99  Dollars while Beep U Pro is priced at $69.99 Dollars.

Well what's the difference anyway? Let's talk about it!

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Amazfit Bip U and Beep U Pro display and feature

Amazfit Bip U and Beep U Pro Review: Which Mending?

In terms of appearance, both are exactly the same. Amazfit Bip U has a size of 40.9x35.5x11.4mm. 

When worn on hand its size is similar to the Apple Watch diameter of 40. For color choices

both the number of built-in watch faces offered there are 4 designs that we can choose from.

Amazfit Bip you and Beep U Pro have almost the same features. The diversity of sports features can be found here. 

So the tracking can be more detailed because each sport must have different measurements. 

The appearance of the features are both the same and the search for the sports mode is easy.

The Difference Between The Two

Amazfit Bip U and Beep U Pro Review: Which Mending?

The difference between Beep U and Beep U Pro is in swimming mode where Beep U Pro is equipped with additional Open Water Swimming mode while in Beep U only Pool Water Swimming. 

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In addition to the swimming mode, the sports feature both have the same number of modes.

When we tried to use exercise, there was another difference that we encountered between Amazfit Bip U and Amazfit Bip U Pro

namely Amazfit Bip U has not been supported by built-in GPS like in Beep U Pro.

So after being used for running sports, there is no summary of GPS track routes when running on the smartwatch screen.

If from the completeness of the features both support heart rate monitoring, sleep patterns, 60 + workout mode, oxygen levels, stress monitors, menstrual tracking, camera remote, find phone, pomodoro tracker, and others.

After we scrolled more App List, it turns out that other differences Amazfit Bip U has not been equipped compass.

In terms of build quality, both are lightweight. We think the Amazfit Bip U series is very lightweight and sometimes it feels like using a toy watch. Because the material used is full plastic polycarbonate.

But if in terms of features, for smartwatches at prices below Rp1 Million the features offered are enough to support daily activities and stylish shapes.


From the differences above, the choice goes back to the user who will wear this smartwatch and see again what the main needs or purpose of choosing to use a smartwatch.

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For an affordable price, the application and monitor mode offered are also qualified enough to support productivity

Plus if the use is not too heavy, the durability of the Amazfit Bip U Series can last a week after being charged 100 percent.

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