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A Series of Wearable Devices to Be Released This Year, Ready to Save

Wearable devices are increasingly preferred by many people

A Series of Wearable Devices to Be Released This Year, Ready to Save

Wearable devices are increasingly preferred by many people. Wearable is a common term to refer to smart devices that can be worn on the body and connected to smart phones.

This device is usually a wireless device and must use additional applications in order to connect to a smart phone. 

Devices that include wearables include smartwatches, headsets, smart glasses and earphones. 

Next year, a series of wearable devices will be present, offering advanced and latest features.

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Apple Watch 8

Apple is expected to retain the old design on the Apple Watch Series 7 for smartwatches that launch next year. 

The Apple Watch Series 8 screen is expected to be boxy and slightly larger than the previous generation.

This latest wearable series is predicted to come in three sizes, the largest measuring between 41 to 45 millimeters. 

Apple is reportedly working to provide new health features for the Watch Series 8, such as blood pressure gauges, diabetes detection and sleep apnea detection.

Apple wants to embed a body temperature gauge feature, which can be used to detect fever, fertility until bedtime. 

Not only health features, Apple is said to provide sensors similar to accelerometers to detect accidents. 

The scenario is designed, the Apple Watch will automatically contact the emergency services if an accident is detected. 

Apple plans to create a more powerful version of the Apple Watch 8 series, for users who like strenuous activities such as athletes and mountaineers.

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Apple Glasses

Apple Glasses

News circulating, Apple is preparing an Apple Glasses headset device. Apple Glasses is a device with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. 

Other information mentions there will be two wearables, in the form of AR / VR devices and smart glasses.

The AR/VR device will have multiple cameras to detect hand movements, the surrounding environment and block outside light around from entering the field of view. 

Industry analysts nicknamed "Apple experts" say there are 15 cameras on the device.

To support these AR/VR headsets, Apple will create a dedicated app store for apps and game content, video streaming and video conferencing. 

Other rumors say Apple Glasses is the name for smart glasses, which are shaped like regular glasses, however, the lenses are equipped with interactive screens that can detect gestures. 

These glasses have AR technology and will be sold as accessories for the iPhone 14.

Google Pixel Watch

Google is said to be releasing a smartwatch next year, named Google Pixel Watch. 

Google's approach to smartwatches is quite different. Instead of launching the device, they first deliver the software.

Last year, Google launched a special operating system for smartwatches, Wear OS 3, which was first used by Samsung for the Galaxy Watch 4. 

The Pixel Watch will be google's first smartwatch. Leaked information circulating mentions the dial of this device is round with one button on the right side.

Google bought wearable device company Fitbit last year, however, this Pixel Watch will be a different device to Fitbit. 

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The Pixel Watch is expected to be sold in the same price range as the Apple Watch.

Movano fitness ring

Instead of a watch, Movano plans to launch a smart ring in the second half of next year. 

It is not yet known what the name of this device is, some media call it the "fitness ring", others call it the "smart ring".

Movano last year launched Oura Ring, a fitness ring that can read body temperature, heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood. 

The device will be unveiled at the CES 2022 technology show in Las Vegas next January.

The latest Movano smart ring is aimed primarily at female users, among others containing basic fitness features such as heart rate monitors, bedtimes and step counters. 

In addition to standard features, Movano will also embed a blood sugar level gauge feature. News circulating, before officially launching, they will make a beta ring to be tested.

Facebook Smartwatch

Facebook Smartwatch

Meta Platforms Inc, the new name of Facebook Inc, is reportedly developing a smartwatch to launch next year. The watch will be launched under the name Facebook Watch.

The Facebook Watch will be equipped with two cameras, one in front and one at the back. The camera will be available for video calls.

While the camera on the back, 108MP resolution, can be removed from the watch case. 

It is not yet known what the function of this camera, however, Meta is rumored to be collaborating with other companies for accessories that can be plastered with the camera. 

The device, which will sell for $400, can also be paired to smart glasses that Meta is developing.

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