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3 Watches That Have Historical Value, One of Which Is Widely Used by Children in the 90s

3 Watches That Have Historical Value, One of Which Is Widely Used by Children in the 90s

Watches as a timepiece and have been around since ancient times. Many historical watches remind a person of memory.

Watches have a special meaning about moments and memories. Because the clock becomes an object that shows valuable time for someone.

"The moment that is enshrined bears witness to history. Incredibly, the clock is constantly on record the new moments he's wading into into the future."

"In the future, the clock becomes a time-traveling tool to the time of the preservation of the moment along with the beautiful moment recorded by the clock," said CEO of Radatime Hendra Kesuma in his statement.

He also mentioned that there are many historic watches that a person has. Here are three reviews that you can check out.

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Casio G-SHOCK & BABY-G X Wildlife Collaboration

Casio in 2019 captured a moment of historic collaboration to address issues of wildlife conservation and coexistence between wildlife and communities in Africa.

Quoted by Straatosphere, this watch is like a charter enshrined to support the charity while socializing the importance of attention to wildlife ecosystems, especially in Africa.

Omega Speedmaster

Quoted from Omegawatchs, in 1969 the top watch brand, OMEGA speedmaster series officially became the first watch worn to the moon. This event is a moment that will not be forgotten in the history of human civilization.

The series is also called moonwatch or moon clock. Until now, the Moonwatch Speedmaster series has always received high appreciation by fans of the world's luxury watches.


Seiko Diver's Watch with titanium case

Divers in the sea can capture the moment with a watch. Yes, in 1975 Seiko created the world's first titanium-frame diver series watch.

This watch has resistance to a depth pressure of 600 meters below sea level. This moment signifies one of the most extreme construction achievements at that time.

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