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The MyFone R1s is a smartphone watch for kids you never thought you needed.

Buying a smartphone for children might sound like bad news for some parents but the MyFirst Fone R1s is a smartwatch phone that will go some way in assuaging those fears. 
 MyFirst is a Singapore- grounded tech brand that produces a wide variety of tech with children in mind and the Fone R1s 

is a fair reflection of the company's direction. 

The R1s provides all the benefits that a smartphone offers but without the extraneous distractions. 
The MyFone R1s is a smartphone watch for kids you never thought you needed.

 First prints are good the R1s does not look nor feel cheap and is offered in seductive two colours A deep blue (Space Blue) 

that is nearly black that's suitable for seminaries that have a restiction on watch colours, as well as a cottoncandy-esque colourway (Cotton Candy Mix). 

 You also have five swatch colours to choose if your child wants to personalise the watch to taste. 
 Also, the vibrant1.3- inch IPS display is eye- catching and makes textbook easy to read too. 

It's also the perfect platform for cute animated wallpapers or prints taken with the erected-in 2MP camera. 

But beyond the cute, childlike casing, the R1s has a point set that might well surprise you. 

The MyFone R1s is a smartphone watch for kids you never thought you needed.

 Because the Internet can fluently put children in detriment's way if they are left to their own bias, the Fone R1s tries to strike a balance between maternal control and fun. 

 First and foremost, the watch lets parents keep track of their wards and functions as an open channel for communication. 
 With 4G capabilities, the smartwatch can feeds access to cellular calls, videotape calls and converse. 

the R1s dyads with the MyFirstFone app on the guardian's phone, which functions as the sole director account. 

The child can add other MyFone musketeers on their watch, which parents can choose to accept or remove. 

Parents can also add fresh figures or indeed directors (parents) of other children via the app. 
 Parents will also know their child's whereabouts at all times thanks to the GPS tracking system and they can also set a designated safety zone through the Geo Fencing Area Alert. 

In addition, the watch also has a one- touch SOS button that the child can press to warn their parents in extremities. 
The MyFone R1s is a smartphone watch for kids you never thought you needed.

 Of course, all these restrictions do not sound fun for the kiddies, but that is for the parents to worry about. 

The R1s has other features that are more conducive to fun — it comes with a erected-in mp3 player and 8 GB ( roughly songs and audiobooks) of storehouse, 

so they (and by deputy, you) do not have to hear to Baby Shark on circle. 
 MyFirst aldo offers an accompanying Headphones BC Wireless Lite, a bone conduction style wireless headphones that is easy on the eardrums. 

 Bone conduction headphones will not win the hearts and minds of audiophiles, but your ENT specialist will be veritably pleased with your life choices. 
 And while we are on the subject of health, the R1s also features a heart rate examiner that allows parents to cover their child's good and gives you the option to set fitness pretensions and achievements. 

Availability The MyFone R1s

Pre-orders for the Fone R11s ($ 269)pre-order start Dec 15, 2021 and deliveries will commence starting Jan 6, 2022. 
 The Smart Watchphone will also come with six months of free data SIM (PCCW Global) and latterly$ 10 per month if you wish to continue.

Alternately, you can also get the watch for$ 28 per month with a one- time contract through M1. 

Both plans offer unlimited data (data voice and voice call) but M1 offers unlimited voice calls to landlines or phone lines, 

while PCCW Global offers free data roving to named countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand). 
 And if it's important for your child to have a mobile number also you have to go the M1 route (or get your own SIM card and number on your own) as the PCCW Global route is purely data. 

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