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Spacetalk Adventurer Safety Smartwatch Device Launched in U.S.

Spacetalk Adventurer Safety Smartwatch Device Launched in U.S

Photos: Spacetalk Adventurer Safety Smartwatch Device Launched in U.S.

This innovative product combines a cellular 4G phone with a GPS device into a rugged smartwatch for kiddies.

With reassuring safety features similar as SOS cautions, Coffer Zones, Safe Contact lists, Google Charts powered on- demand GPS position finding, 

and no-open access to the internet or social media, it's simply a safer phone for kiddies. 

"At Spacetalk, our charge is to help families stay confidently connected," said CEO Mark Fortunatow."In a world where social media, 

smartphones, and the suchlike are entering children's lives before and before, 

the Spacetalk Adventurer opens the door to a new position of independence, safety, and peace of mind for kiddies and parents likewise."

Parents can manage their child's device and customize its features with Spacetalk's free app, making it indeed easier to stay connected and insure children's safety. 
"Safety is the pillar Spacetalk and its bias stand on,"continues Fortunatow."

Through thorough testing of our products and app, nonstop updates on the safety features, 

and more, it's our thing to give nothing but the stylish to our druggies."
The Spacetalk Adventurer is presently available onSpacetalkWatch.com,Amazon.com,Walmart.com 

andBestbuycanada.com for$199.00 ( Chart) and works with all US Mobile and Canadian wireless drivers except Sprint. 

The device requires an actuated nano-SIM card from your favorite mobile carrier for cellular service. 
For further information on Spacetalk and the Spacetalk Adventurer, please visitwww.spacetalkwatch.com. 

About Spacetalk Ltd

 SpacetalkLtd. (ASX SPA) is a global technology provider of secure communication results for families to stay connected and defended. 
Spacetalk's range of all-in-one smartphone GPS watches for children (Spacetalk Kids and Spacetalk Adventurer) and seniors (Spacetalk Life) 

are purpose- erected with acclimatized features, design rates and stylish practice data encryption, security and sequestration technologies, 

for families to stay confidently connected. Fun, fashionable, secure and technologically advanced, 

Spacetalk bias deliver confidence for the child and elderly wearer, enhanced controls for the guardian, and engaging functionalities for the whole family to stay connected. 

The Spacetalk App is designed to give a family terrain for fun, engaging and secure media consumption beyond its device control functionalities for the guardian. 

Every linked contact – parents, grandparents, extended family members and musketeers – anyhow of whether they're Android or iOS druggies, 

can interact with linked Spacetalk bias and each other through the Spacetalk App. 
Spacetalk was innovated in 2001 and listed on the ASX in 2003 as MGM Wireless Limited, 

which developed the world's first SMS pupil absence announcement platform for seminaries and went on to come Australia's most successful academy messaging company. On 12 November 2020 the Company changed its name to Spacetalk Ltd. 

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