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Smartwatch - is it needed? Its usefulness? Interesting thing about him? Tracking? The old smartwatch?

Wearables with integrated cellular connectivity allow you to make calls from your wrist, making Dick Tracy's "radio watch" somewhat real. 

However, only a handful of smartwatches on the market offer this functionality, 

and some may argue that there's no need to narrow down your options—not to mention having to pay for a monthly data subscription—the ability to contact friends and family without taking out a smartphone (or even having it on you).

Smartwatch - is it needed? Its usefulness? Interesting thing about him? Tracking? The old smartwatch?

Do you need a connected smartwatch? 

Most of us can easily survive without having a mobile device connected to our wrist, but if you have the funds and if convenience appeals to you,

it might be worth looking for a smartwatch that offers this feature. With smartwatches offering cellular connectivity, you don't have to carry your phone anywhere to call. 

If you're running, for example, or forgot your phone at home, this feature could come in handy—because you may not want to overload yourself with your phone with it. 

You can set reminders on a smartwatch, receive texts, make calls—you mention something you can do on your smartphone and you can also often do it on your smartwatch right now. 

As a reminder, with a smartwatch that doesn't have built-in cellular connectivity, you can't make calls from your wrist, and most "smart" functions—like receiving notifications on your wrist—need to connect to your phone's device via Bluetooth. 

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as the ability to connect to your phone remotely to receive notifications with the Samsung Gear S2. 

There are some situations when it may be more than just convenient to choose a watch with built-in connectivity.

If you like fitness, for example, Android Wear has some really good apps. But there are other reasons to have this kind of watch. 

For example, if you have young children and want to track their location, you might consider a wearable device that offers GPS tracking. 

In the same vein to keep an eye on your child's safety, you can ensure that wearable devices include cellular connectivity among the features set up. 
The HereO watch is one such device, and it definitely makes sense if you are looking for gadgets to help you stay abreast of your children's safety. 

Of course, the same logic applies to smartwatches and other wearable devices for seniors or anyone else you want to keep an eye on, for that matter. 

Lastly, keep in mind that there are some gray areas between smartwatches with Bluetooth-only and those that have built-in connectivity. 

Thanks to the Android Wear update in early 2016, wearable devices running Google's wearable operating system that also have loudspeakers are able to make and receive calls when you connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Android Wear smartwatch with speakers including Huawei Watch and ASUS ZenWatch 2. 

On the Apple front, you can make and receive calls with your Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2. However, Apple has not added cellular connectivity to any of its wearable devices. 

What you can do with a smartwatch

Smart watches have a variety of interesting functions. There is something that stands out from smart watch devices

namely its function which can be said to be very diverse, especially the latest smart watch products. Smart watch is a watch that can be connected to a smartphone device or tab.

You can monitor the variety of message or call notifications by using a smart watch. 

You can also take advantage of this smart watch to help more easily manage schedules, as well as monitor health.

There are even smart watches that can help in making payments. Smart watch can support activities multi-tasking so it is suitable for those who are busy. 

Many smart watches can have the ability to make notes or notes without having to take out a smartphone.

In addition, smart watch also serves as a GPS, to know the weather forecast, and of course there are many other smart watch functions. There are many things we can do thanks to the smart watch feature.

Customize SmartWatch Design for Activity

This smartwatch or smart watch product comes with a variety of designs that you can match with the style. Smart wach design can also add a masculine and elegant impression.

Here are some smart watch designs or models in general:

Smart Watch Formal

For this smart watch, it is ideal to use an analog display. There are many smart watches circulating using a look like a digital watch. 

But there are also some smart watches that have a look like analog watch models.

In order to support the formal impression, when working for example,

you can choose a smart watch that has an analog look. Digital display smartwatch models are more suitable for casual agendas.

This type of smart watch has the appearance of an analog watch product using a small button on the strap. In addition, the smart watch design looks elegant for use at formal events.

But there are also hybrid smartwatches that allow you to choose a display both analog and digital. 

By using this smart watch, then you can have two views with only one smart watch device only.

Casual Smart Watch

Those of you who want a casual design, then you can choose a smart watch by using replacable strap. 

There are some smart watches that have straps but you can change. Without having to wait for the smart watch strap to break down

you can even change the strap according to your mood or fashion theme.

Smart watch like this is the perfect watch for those who want to be able to look more fashionable. Look for straps compatible with your smartwatch.

The more varied the strap options, the more fashion ideas for you can create. Currently, there is a variety of colorful strap options made of silicone

or metal straps. With a metal strap, of course the smart watch will look more luxurious and elegant.

You must know what the need for this smart watch is like and then you just choose the most appropriate model, color, and type of smart watch. 

Adjust also with the features of the existing smart watch in order to facilitate daily activities.

Interesting things to do with smartwatches

Smartwatch - is it needed? Its usefulness? Interesting thing about him? Tracking? The old smartwatch?

The growing smartwatch makes its function more than just an application. But it's been to something bigger. 

Smartwatches can now also be integrated with other than smartphones, 

there are also smartwacth that can stand alone without the help of a smartphone in carrying out its functions.

What are some interesting things that can be done with a smartwatch, let's look at various things that can be done.

1. In-Car Use

The application does have many benefits in everyday needs. Not to be missed in the use of a private vehicle such as a car. With the app in the smartwatch you can set up some car functions.

This intended function is not fully driving a mobik with a smartwatch but basic functions such as unlocking, regulating cabin temperature, starting the car engine. 

Some well-known car manufacturers are starting to implement this such as Volvo and Hyundai, and there are plans for Ford to implement it.

After establishing a research center in Silicon Valley, Ford plans to make his company into the mobility industry.  

An app that can be used to control cars called MyFord Mobile for Apple Watch and Android Wear devices but please note the function is only applied to electric cars.

2. Transaction Payment

In the development of technology it is not impossible if the wallet will be replaced with a smarwatch. It's easy to pay just by sticking a smartwatch at the checkout.

3. Can Stand Alone without a Smartphone

Smartwatches without smartphones will probably have very limited functionality. 

Or it can only be used as a timepiece. Not so with Smartwacth on this one. The LG Urban 2 is the first smartwatch with lte connection.

That way this smartwatch does not require a smartphone to be able to connect to the internet network. Even so

there is still a wifi and Bluetooth connection if you want to connect with a smartphone.

Because if connected to a smartphone will make more function on the smartwatch. 

With a smartwatch that can stand alone like this may not be a problem if our smartphone is left behind because its function is still in other devices, namely smartwatches.

4. Skype Notifications

In the Skype application is now increasingly facilitated for smartwatch users. 

To be able to reply to messages on Skype can now be directly with a smartwatch. Without bothering to pull the smartphone out of your pants pocket.

This can be done after the last update given by Skype for Android Wear so that we can easily respond to messages from Skype because the voice we issue will be able to be changed to a text message and sent. 

For the power rangers-style feature is still not available, namely answering calls directly using smartwacth.

Maybe the technology will be there in a few years. Let's just follow the development of increasingly sophisticated technology. 

What smartwatches can do now is simply accept and reject calls from smartwatches but the talk still has to use a smartphone. 

This feature is available on Moto 360, LG Watch Urban, Huawei Watch, Asus ZenWatch and not to miss the Apple Watch. 

5.Children's Activity Monitor

Children's activities or activities can also be monitored with a smartwatch. Because smartwatches are not only used for adults,

children can also use them. Beepbip Watch is a smart watch that is very useful to monitor the activities of our children. Smartwacth is integrated with smartphones held by parents. 

With gps or Wifi and BTS, the presence of children will be monitored with this smartwatch. So that parents can easily install a radius or zone that is safe for our child such as the location of the school, home or playground of the child.

Notifications will be given to smartphones held by parents when they are in a designated safe zone or pass through a safe zone.

The smartwatch will also notify if the battery will run out or if the smartwatch is removed.

In an emergency, a child can send a distress signal. In smartwatch Bipbip also supports SIM cards so that it can be used to call

What smartwatches track

There are many things that can be done by a smartwatch, one of which is to help to track through the GPS it uses.

The purpose of tracking is to know and facilitate in knowing for example the place where someone is

Tracking with a smartwatch is not limited to children only, but also to elderly parents

Make good use of the smartwatch tracker system to ensure that a person's condition will certainly be related to spoiled and knowing the safety of someone earlier.

Why were smartwatches chosen for child or elderly safety? 

Smartwatches in addition to GPS, allow children to contact their parents, video calls, with parent control settings.

The system tracking children's location is quite sophisticated because it is equipped with eight types of locating system features namely GPS,

GLONASS, Global servers, base station, Wi-Fi, acceleration sensor, A-GPS positioning, and camera assist, 

so parents can track the whereabouts of children who use SmartWatch Phone in detail and realtime.

What to do with an old smartwatch

Smartwatch - is it needed? Its usefulness? Interesting thing about him? Tracking? The old smartwatch?

If you can still take advantage of your features from your smartwatch, then it's enough to make the most of it.

However, from the other side of what to do with the old smarwatwath, in general there is damage such as total death.

You have the choice to keep it by repairing it first, or replacing it with the latest.

Of course, if you want to fix a broken smartwatch there are steps you need to pay attention to, quite complicated.

Different if you want to change to a new one, you can sell your old smartwatch, of course after repairing, or if it is still good.

You can give it as a gift to others, because consider if only let

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