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Smartwatch : Connecting, Charging, and Some Ways of Care

Smartwatch - Connecting, Charging, and Some Ways of Care

There are several important points that are benchmarks in the influence of smartwatch in life.

Even so, smartwatch are an important tool needed to ease, such as health problems.

Smartwatch are famous for easily knowing the quality of their health because of their advanced features, on the other hand there are several things that are in question, 

both regarding the problem of connecting the smartwatch to a gadget, charging, to activate the device.

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What is a smartwatch?

Have you ever wondered what a smartwatch is? 

A smartwatch is an electronic computer device worn in the form of a watch. 

Modern smartwatch bring touch screen technology to make it easier for the user, also has brought more advanced features.

How do I activate the smartwatch?

Having a new smartwatch is definitely a lot of fun. You also want to quickly use and know what are the benefits and uses.

But wait a minute, because there are some things to do such as setting up the beginning, setting the display and installing some applications.

1. After taking the new smartwatch from the box, first fill the smartwatch battery until it is full with the charger included in the purchase box.

2. Install the right app to connect the smart watch with your smartphone. For smartwatch that use the Android OS for example by downloading the Android Wear app from the Google Play Store. 

Smartwatch user can download the app from the App Store or Google Play depending on the smartphone platform you're using.

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3. After installing the application, then connect the new smartwatch with the smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and see if your new gadget is on your smartphone screen. If yes, choose connect or connect.

4. Enable notifications and check whether text messages or other updates on your smartphone are sent or forwarded to the smartwatch.

for more details, look back at the manual in the purchase box. That is to find the necessary applications and how to get the application.

how to set up the look of a smartwatch

I hope you've found a smartwatch that suits your style and personality, be it a square-shaped smart watch like pebble steel or a round shape like Scanswatch. 

If you are not satisfied with the default smartwatch display, as well as to further affirm your personality, you can use a new watchface.

Pebble users can choose from a variety of collections on the Pebble My Face website. 

While Android users can search for it on Google Play where there is a choice of both free and paid.

Similarly, the smartwatch will support a wide variety of displays from analog designs to current weather and time displays.

In addition to the display on the screen, you can also adjust the display on the smartwatch strap.

If you are tired of the standard built-in strap, you can replace it with a model of steel (steel), leather or change the choice of strap color.

What smartwatch apps need to be installed?

If you're confused about what apps to download, then consider downloading a fitness app to track your fitness level, a weather app and a note taking app like Evernote.

After downloading some of the apps that you think are best, then determine what notifications you want to receive on the new smartwatch. 

Choose some of the notifications that are most relevant to your style and personality.

How do I connect a smartwatch to all android phones?

How to connect a smartwatch is to synchronize data,
Not much different from other gadgets. Between devices still need access permissions to be synchronized between one device with another device.

Of course, these services seem to make people's mobility needs more organized and practical without constantly holding hp every second, minute, hour. 

Do you understand the benefits of sync smart watch to Android? Now it's time we practice syncing smartwatch to Android instead of iOS iPhone.

On HP Android open Google Play Store then install an application called MediaTek SmartDevice is all free yes there is no premium / pro version aka paid.

2. Once the app is successfully installed, restart your Android phone first.

3. When it comes back on, turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Also enable Bluetooth in your smartwatch.

4. In SmartWatch check the Bluetooth settings, and click "Search New Device" 

Return to the MediaTek Smart Devices app on HP, check if a Pop-up notification appears asking for permission to read (Enable Accessibility) if yes just check all you want to select the application on the phone you want to turn on notifications.

6. Until here successfully connected but not fully completed. You must agree to a notification that allows all kinds of access on your Android phone so that the sync performance runs perfectly, click the OK option.

Now you have managed to do synchronous SmartWatch to Android easily. It's time to choose which app to turn on the notification to appear on the Smartwatch.

Our suggestion Enable or Allow / allow all notification access so that both devices run optimally so that notifications are not late to SmartWatch such as SMS and Phone Calls. 

This applies to everything like AmazFit Bip, Watch, Xiaomi Mi Band, Galaxy Watch, Samsung Gear, Huawei Watch Fit GT, Imoo, Lenovo, Zeblaze, Asus ZenWatch, Pebble, LG CDMA, Sony, FitBit, VivoWatch, Garmin, Cognos GSM.

How to recharge the smartwatch?

As you already know smartwatch works using electric power supported by the use of batteries, which is the element and condition to be operated.

when used to operate of course the charge will be reduced so we need to recharge

Recharging the samrtwatch needs to be done according to the level of need like when charging the battery on the phone

the smartwatch is equipped with a magnetic cas so that it can make it easier to use the way to recharge the battery.

How to charge a smartwatch with a magnetic charger

1. Disable smartwatch

How good it would be when recharging, samrtwatch turned off first, why is that? The goal is to charge faster.
In addition, smartwatch batteries will also be more durable and have a long life (longer life is not quickly damaged)

2. Attach a magnetic smartwatch charger

Furthermore, if you want to charge / charge the imoo kw watch take the charger cable attach the magnetic tip of the charger on the back of the smartwatch watch

behind this imoo kw clock there is a circular metal hole where to attach the magnetic imoo kw cas

3. Connect the smartwatch charger adapter on the power terminal

After you finish attaching the smartwatch charger then connect the adapter to the available power terminal in your place, wait for the charging to full, the goal is for the battery to have maximum power.

4. Remove smartwatch Charger

After the smartwatch battery is fully charged remove the charger adapter from the power terminal, then restart the imoo kw clock to use, that's an easy way to charge the imoo kw clock using a magnetic charger.

How long does the smartwatch charge to full?

To maintain the health of the smartwatch batry, of course, it needs to be fokos against recharging, ranging from how to charge, charging time, to the charging schedule, all related to power. 

for the time span of recharging, it takes a start time of 1 hour to more, depending on the speed in charging

Not much different indeed with your gadged, it all comes back to how much power is filled and how much capacity can be accommodated in batrey.

Why can't smartwatch be recharged and how do you deal with it?

There are several causes of smartwatch can not be refilled, to overcome it you need to make sure in advance the cause

pay attention to the outlet or charger plug, whether it is really connected or not

and whether the charger is installed properly, make sure also the electricity in your home is on (not in the light)

Sometimes the problem may lie with the samrtwatch charger, whether it has been damaged and needs to be replaced.

Also make sure the Magnetic Charging Cable you use under normal conditions.
If it is new, make sure the plastic wrapping layer in the Magnetic section has been removed.

If necessary, clean the Magnetic section with a cloth or wipe removed to ensure the magnetic contact runs normally to the smartwatch.

Please check the USB Power Adapter you use to charge the battery to the smartwatch.

To separate with the first step, try unplug the Magnetic Charging Cable from the USB Power Adapter and then use the Lightning cable to charge the battery to the smartwatch or other gadget.

You can also try to replace the USB Power Adapter with more power to charge the battery.

In addition to checking accessories for charging the battery, try also check the smartwatch device you use.

If you have confirmed and do not find the source of the smartwatch can not be in the charger, you should try to use the services of others to check more and details.

Why can't smartwatchs connect to android phones?

to connect the smartwatch to your phone, make sure the third-party application is terisntall, follow the steps above how to connect the smartwatch to all android phones

do not forget to activate bluetooth gadget, because this is what acts as a liaison

If the smartwatch remains unconnectable, you should make sure the following

1. check the availability of update: Sometimes connection issues arise if your device doesn't or hasn't updated. For software on mobile phones is actually not too influential because Wear OS already supports (at least) Android 6.0 or later, possibly more towards the Wear OS application software on smartphones or there are updates that are present on your Wear OS device.

So, please check the availability of updates first before you connect the device to your smartphone.

2. restart on samrtwatch and gadget: If the above method has been done and can not connect, try restarting both on your watch and smartphone. Why?

Because by rebooting, all the processes that are running on your device will stop, everything will return to the original condition as when you first turned on the device, of course this can eliminate some problems that previously appeared on your device.

If it still doesn't work, there may be a problem with your smartwatch, try to use the services.

Why can't my smartwatch turn on?

If your smartwatch can't turn on, you can do the following steps:

Try turning on the watch when connected to the power adapter, charge the watch for 15 minutes, then try turning on the watch.

If you still can't, try pressing the power button for 10 seconds in charge, press until the Speedup logo comes out, wait until the smartwatch is on and into the homescreen. And here you have to be patient because it takes a long time.

If the above process has not been successful or the smartwatch has not turned on, please press the power button for 25 seconds while charging, if it has been done it will appear the speedup logo.

Check if there is dust in the micro USB port. Inflate the port slowly to clear the dust

Pay attention to the battery indicator so as not to charge for too long. Read on the manual

as it is usually mentioned the length of time it takes to charge to full. Immediately unplug from the power outlet when it is full.

Avoid letting the watch battery die completely due to running out of power. Because electronic devices require little power left to store memory.

Letting the power run out completely, will also damage the smartwatch device. So do not let the battery power of the smartwatch run out.

If the above steps do not fix the smartwatch problem completely dead, most likely the problem that occurred due to the softwere of the smartwatch is problematic.

How much does a smartwatch cost?

The average price of SmartWatch from Rp 20 to above $ 200 two hundred dollars, all depends on the brand, type and features offered in the gadget. 

In order to get the maximum, you should understand how to sync smartwatch to Android.

MediaTek chipsets are used by the majority of Smart Watch today, especially Chinese manufacturers.

Smartwatch vendors are also obliged to be smart to cut production costs to a minimum so that later when sold do not have to pay high prices, of course without ruling out the quality of the unit.

Standard configurations are often found on regular Smart Watches priced below 100 thousand rupiah. And most of its features are enough to meet the needs of users in Indonesia in particular, so there is no need to worry and worry about the firmware that is equipped.

The price never lies. You can distinguish smartwatch cheap and expensive enough from the physical body, material, screen size, features, whether support can use SIM Card or not also determines.

What are the best smartwatch brands?

Quite a lot of smartwatch on the market, but the best based on the results of the user experience is only a handful.

Here is the best, in an above average sense, can also be in the article better than others.

That's because the features, skin, body that is brought better than others, some of the best smartwatch and trusted by its users among others.

Apple, Samsung, amzfit, huawei, vivo, scanwatch, noise, walton brings, redmi, and many more, too much to write about here

Smartwatch - Connecting, Charging, and Some Ways of Care

How do you make a smartwatch live a long life?

There are several things that are common for your smartwatch to live a long life, including doing maintenance.

Maintenance is the most important thing, but besides that, making sure your smartwatch remains safe from falling is also a way to keep your smartwatch long.

As for the whole thing, there are the following:

1. Protect smartwatch screen with antigores

Clean the screen with eight microfibers

3. Before cleaning the strap, know the material first

4. Remove stains on connectors with cotton buds

5. Take good care of the battery

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