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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The king of Android smartwatches?

Do you buy a smartwatch to get the most out of your exercise routine?

Or do you exercise because your smartwatch makes you guilty of doing so?

This chicken and egg difficulty has made the smartwatch market explode with alternatives for every buyer

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The king of Android smartwatches?

There's a smartwatch for every wrist, for every health enthusiast, for every multi-tasker, and a significant maximum, for every pocket.

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It's no exaggeration to mention that the Apple Watch has dominated the market as a favorite. 

As a person who has been hooked on my Apple Watch for years, to adjust my health, my coronary heart fitness, and meet my daily flow goals, I am immune to change.

This is why I've been a cautious part of trying out the new Samsung Galaxy Watch four, the company's latest smartwatch that offers all the frills.

Specifications: Price: starts from fromfevolved at Rs 23,999 Comes with Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro SensorSwimming, cycling, golf, trekking mode

This is why I guess the Samsung Galaxy Watch four can also encourage loyalists to switch.

Short review 

The Galaxy Watch four comes with a conventional ball dial and it looks like a larger-than-fixed health tracker and that's no longer a complaint. 

I recognize humans who have problems with smartwatches that are too "big", too "skinny" or too "small" to see their overall performance exercising. 

Watch four none of that. You get these very sturdy physical bezels, side buttons, and a durable but chic-looking smartwatch.

I would say that I am no longer partial to sporty straps but almost uncomfortable in relation to aesthetics but I guess it is a basic strap suitable for sweaty exercises.

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I'm usually partly into the neat area and the smooth display screen is what I love on my phone, pills and now even on my smartwatch. 

40mm real estate is quite adequate specifically with its crystal clean look. You can put on a fixed face of the eyes with all your notifications stacked but that can down the battery faster.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: The king of Android smartwatches?
Live photos: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


Samsung has labeled the working engine on the Galaxy Watch four "actual crew players" and that's because it's the ultimate smartwatch with Wear OS powered by Samsung. 

It's this way that google and Samsung's energy comes together to make people's interfaces cleaner, neater, more intuitive. And it's playing right.

Pair smartwatches with Galaxy Wearable apps and apps playing seamlessly ranging from music, fitness, to health. 

Samsung is smart here. Tizen OS hangovers remain and Samsung Wearable loyalists will soar in them. 

And now with Wear OS, the new market of smartwatch customers will be leaning toward the Samsung Galaxy Watch four.

You can customize the UI as you see it healthy and choose from a variety of watch displays from analog to digital. 

And if you're the one who shows up on your wrist more than on your phone, you don't have to fear less on critical notifications.


We come back to my unique question, do you shop for fixed eyes to keep you healthy or because you're already a health enthusiast? No generation can make you healthy alone. 

Having stated that, the Galaxy Watch four has a lot to offer. You can choose from swimming, cycling, running, golfing, trekking to better places. 

A very well-bred function is Samsung's new BioActive Sensor that captures the composition of your frame in real-time that will help you manipulate your fitness goals. 

Like all fitness metrics, take this with a pinch of salt. Treat this as a road map about your health goals.

There are routes of all metrics and sensors for sleep monitoring, heart cost monitoring

or even SPO2 monitoring that have now become a new favorite during pandemics. 

Another title maker turned into a well-known EKG function through the Apple Watch that Samsung will deliver to India quickly. 

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However, let me be honest, I doubt everyone is based on a smartwatch for his ECG reading. I would say that this is a great way to maintain your heart fitness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch four is a high-quality health tracker and plays correctly during in-depth workouts.


As is the case with all smartwatches, my most effective complaint remains battery life. 

Like the Apple Watch, the four most effective Samsung Galaxy Watches lasted me around noon considering my great use. Tech giants, at this rate, aren't all of us worth higher batteries?


What the four-aspect Galaxy Watch offers is a Samsung-Google partnership that weeds out all previous software issues faced through customers with Samsung Wearables.

The app works seamlessly, notifications pop up quickly and sporty watches feel high quality and light on the wrist.

Batteries are where I would ask for development and rightfully so! At this rate, we want at least the overall day battery performance of all the tech giants.

For health enthusiasts and everyone embarking on a new health adventure in addition to the new year

I can name this a good android smartwatch on the market as it is now. 

Apple, are you listening?

So, if you're looking for the right gift for a friend or circle of relatives who want a greater boost to meet their health goals

pass for the Galaxy Watch four. Either this or a health clubnasium membership, I say!


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