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jumpstart your health goals this year with the right smartwatch

jumpstart your health goals this year with the right smartwatch

Everyone, almost everyone, is looking for answers to healthy living. We tried different effects - diet, exercise, yoga and contemplation, and active living - to achieve something like this nirvana. Unfortunately, 

the "right" answer doesn't work. Health is the number of choices. This includes both conscious and intentional sweating. But don't be demoralized. 

Garmin offers a one-stop watch to help you achieve this unattainable goal. Put on a Garmin and discover related ways to stay fit, flexible, agile and energetic.

Before embarking on this exciting journey, you should understand the importance of metabolism, the rate at which the body burns calories and fat. 

Everyone has a different metabolic rate. Small changes in daily habits can help you reach your health claims. 

Garmin smartwatches track the calories you burn or consume. These include "sleep calories", or realistic estimates of the energy expended in exercise, and "active calories" ie. what you burn when you exercise and run.

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Increases the heart 

A person's metabolism is not fixed. This changes with new habits. 
Moderate exercise improves heart function and maintains heart-lung shape. 

If your heart rate is 65-79% of your maximum heart rate during exercise and you're a little short of breath in a relaxed and comfortable setting, exercise will increase your fat-burning efficiency. 

For fast walking the speed is 50-60 and progress to light jogging (60-70) and easy handling (70-80).

The maximum amount of VO2 indicates the body's efficiency in utilizing oxygen and where it is located. The higher the number, the better. 

The American Heart Association and WHO recommend at least 150 minutes per week for moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week for vigorous activity. 

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Because our physical abilities differ, the "extreme shine intensity" of Garmin smartwatches automatically records when a person reaches a moderate training position.

Increases Oxygen Levels

Oxygen is an important contributor to maintaining good health.
A low situation causes a small amount of energy that gives us energy and affects dizziness, fatigue, tiredness, malaise, inflammation, breakdown, and of course, a low metabolism. 

Gymnastics and breathing exercises improve the oxygen situation. Garmin's proven Ox Heartbeat technology measures its ability to absorb oxygen or achromatic attention throughout the day. That way, you can cover an important element of your overall health.

Muscle mass increases the metabolic rate and therefore muscle training has a positive effect. Exercise increases muscle mass, which in turn increases our ability to use protein. 

The result is better health

With the Garmin Smartwatch, you can break through existing training modules, 

which include high-intensity interval training and strength training. 
Download workouts to your watch with the Garmin Connect app and monitor workout stability.

More sleep, less stress

Sleep is an important element for better health. Lack of sleep or lack of sleep affects metabolism and causes weight gain. 

Sleep monitoring includes analyzing data on heart rate, oxygen chromatism, respiratory rate, and physiological stress. 

Shadows are needed in different stages of sleep - light, deep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Garmin detects sleep quality and calculates a value to rank sleep quality.

This smartwatch offers suggestions for improvement. 24x7 monitoring evaluates stressful situations and relaxation reminders encourage people who wear the watch to relax during times of high stress.

Stay Fit, Stay Hydrated 

Age fitness is an important benchmark. Garmin smartwatches use several indicators to judge whether your body is young or old. 

The Connect app offers achievable demands and practical tips for reducing fitness age. 

There is no scope for water intake to increase metabolism. Garmin records the daily amount of water and reminds you to drink at the right time. Adjust your hydration if necessary.

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