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I really like Wear OS – so here's what I want from the Google Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch could be coming soon and I am agitated. Wear Zilches and I go way back, back to the commencement of Android Wear. 

I really like Wear OS – so here's what I want from the Google Pixel Watch

I had a Galaxy Gear, also a Moto 360, also LG Watch Urbane. I have been around the block as Google fumbled with its smartwatch Zilches, 

though I stepped down to Samsung with the Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch Active. 

My rearmost watch is the Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle. I realize that I might be in the nonage then, but I actually like Wear Zilches. 

I appreciate how it handles announcements, I like the Penstocks, easy access to Google Assistant, and the simplicity of installing apps.

I clearly prefer it to Samsung's Tizen. 
For the longest time, it sounded like Google just did not watch about Wear Zilches. 

Apple continued to see great success with the Apple Watch lineup, with watchOS springing far ahead of Google's immolation. I have not used an Apple Watch ahead, so I can not speak to that experience. 

With the revitalization of Wear Zilches on the Galaxy Watch 4, rumors started swirling about Google's own Pixel Watch. 

It would make sense for one to live if Google is actually serious about smartwatches. 

So as a addict of Wear Zilches, I've 3 effects I want to see from the Pixel Watch. 

Google Pixel Watch Battery life 

I really like Wear OS – so here's what I want from the Google Pixel Watch

As someone privately familiar with Google's phones, I do not have high expedients for this bone. 

Pixels aren't known for their life on a charge, failing to find places on our stylish phone battery life list. 

Every Android Wear/ Wear Zilches watch I have ever used has had bottomless battery life, indeed commodity as recent as the Fossil Gen 5. 

Samsung and Apple are far and down better with battery life on their watches, so I really want to see the Pixel Watch go for longer between recharges. 

Whether it's software or tackle optimization, this is crucial to the watch succeeding, both critically and in my eyes. 

Further power please 
One troubling thing about numerous of my smartwatches is that utmost of them have been criminally underpowered. 

Whether they take ever to charge, open a menu, or display a announcement, it's been a frustrating experience for the utmost part. So for the Pixel Watch, I do not want Google to hold back. 

In fact, I want the Pixel Watch to go all out and offer the stylish specs that Google can fit in a smartwatch. 

I do not want my watch to hang while I am paying with G Pay or suffer a detention when a announcement comes in. 

A new chipset is clearly crucial to this. 
Wear Zilches requirements top players to keep up with the Apple Watch. 


More health features 

I really like Wear OS – so here's what I want from the Google Pixel Watch
Health features on Wear Zilches are enough lacking, outside of the Galaxy Watch 4. I want to see the Pixel Watch throw all of the health features it can at the wall. 

Some effects will not stick, but the kitchen Gomorrah approach seems like it'd be a good idea. 

Smartwatches do profit from a stark point set to keep costs down, but the Pixel Watch will not turn heads with the sprinkling of health features Wear Zilches watches have had historically. 

Google could offer further health options, like an ECG or maybe the blood glucose examiner that rumors say Samsung is working on. There is a lot of room for growth then. 

The most promising development is Google's accession of Fitibt, so I would anticipate all of Fitbit's features to come on for the lift on the Pixel Watch. 

For illustration, the Fitbit Sense tracks health criteria, sleep and exertion and can indeed help manage stress. 

We especially like the new Diurnal Readiness Score. And I'd anticipate easy access to Fitbit Premium for fitness classes and exercises. 
Google Pixel Watch outlook 

Wear Zilches has formerly gotten a important- demanded breath of fresh air thanks to Google's and Samsung's sweats. 

I do not suppose my expedients are too far out there, since they'd be relatively in line with what numerous others anticipate out of Google's possible in- house wearable. 

I will continue to use my Fossil Gen 5 with my Android phones — despite Fossil attesting that anything aged than the new Gen 6 watches will not see the new Wear Zilches — and hope that the Pixel Watch comes to consummation. 

I formerly like Wear Zilches and I look forward to getting my hands on the new interpretation ultimately. 

Google has simply been on conservation mode for too long and we are overdue for smartwatch tackle good of the Pixel name. 

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