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Huawei's New Smartwatch May Measure Blood Pressure, but There's a Catch

Huawei's New Smartwatch May Measure Blood Pressure, but There's a Catch

Huawei's upcoming smartwatch may have integrated blood pressure monitoring. Image: Huawei's New Smartwatch May Measure Blood Pressure, but There's a Catch 

When I was a sprat who tagged along with my mom to the grocery store, I loved sitting in a blood pressure monitoring niche. 

The president is so big! I can push the button! It's going to fill the balloon that's squeezing my arm! 

I don't know what those numbers mean on screen, but I do know commodity technology has happed, and it makes me uneasy. 

Huawei is reportedly working on miniaturizing blood pressure cuffs for its upcoming smartwatch, the Huawei Watch D. 

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This conception is analogous to the bond you know, however much more involved than sitting in the president and letting the machine do the job. 

According to educational video footage of the watch exclaiming on Weibo, the Huawei Watch D will be carried with accessories that can be mounted under the watch tape when you need to take the blood pressure dimension. 

Huawei's New Smartwatch May Measure Blood Pressure, but There's a Catch

You'll need to measure the circumference of your wrist to fit, and the accessories look great (as you'd expect from an inflated commodity). 

When used, accessories will expand like a grocery store blood pressure checker bond and also register the results with Huawei Health. 

To read, you have to raise your arm across your coffin to the left side, although the controller has not cleared that methodology. 

The Huawei Watch D will reportedly measure high and low blood pressure, as well as take heart rate readings and run an electrocardiogram

which has become a more common smartwatch point in recent times (see Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4). 

The Watch D is packed into a 32 MB warehouse and 4 GB of memory, analogous to what's inside the Huawei Watch GT 3

another bone of the brand's fitness-centric smartwatch. It also supports externally connected Bluetooth headphones

However, this doesn't feel like a factual Apple Watch rival. Instead, it looks like Huawei's efforts to expand its business after the U.S. 

The government forced the company to cut ties with all Google and Android effects. 

Smartwatches have been slow to add medical-grade health features, and the Huawei Watch D is not new to blood pressure monitoring. 

Omron HeartGuide has an interlocking cuff that contracts and expands as you requested, and it's FDA approved. 

In our tests, it was also much easier to use than a bloated full-sleeve cuff, although it was uncomfortable to wear diurnal

and therein lies the problem of being fit to cover blood pressure without an inflatable cuff would be a big deal, and putting such an individual point on a smartwatch would indeed be bigger. 

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But the accessories you have to attach to a watch to take blood pressure measures don't sound like an easy sell

indeed if it's 100 accurate (which remains to be seen). The price may also slightly avoid the range of around $470. 

On Huawei's social media accounts, comments about the Watch D changed between excitement for the new Huawei product and doubts over the awkward box testing media. 

A smartwatch that can really be a croaker on your wrist is the holy grail. But until the company nailed the form factor

we didn't induced any device would be easier or more accessible to use than a simple smart blood pressure cuff — and today, those ties have easy-to-use apps, Bluetooth, wifi, and all. 

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