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How to Care for Parents with GPS Smart Watch?

Everyone should battle age-related memory loss to avoid senile dementia or amnesia. 

How to Care for Parents with GPS Smart Watch?

Parents, who have amnesia, must ignore their recognizable faces and places, and misplace them by the roadside. 

It occurs in 60% of people with amnesia. When they become homeless by the roadside, sufferers may be injured. 

All of that may be the same as a dementia sufferer, whose caregivers or his own circle of relatives are very afraid.

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With transportable style and design, Thinkrace Tech. It has just launched a new version of the GPS watch that is effective for taking excellent care of the elderly. 

The watch works with a web-based or mobile-based web-based monitoring app, Beehome

and can be placed easily. We must display watch customers easily, and protect them carefully.

1. Multi-Positioning Mode: The watch can be neatly positioned via GPS/Beidou/LBS/WiFi means, according to the state of the character.

2. Heartrate Monitoring: The watch will display the parent's heartbeat, and switch files to the server in real time. This facilitates to capture personal fitness status.

3. Voice Communication: You can name people watching anywhere and anytime, and pay interest close to personal status.

4. Track Recording: You can hunt down shifting songs in addition to gadget tracking.

5. GPS Fence: You can install a GPS fence with a monitoring platform. Once the watch person receives entry or exit from the G fence, you may get a message alert.

6. SOS Alert: In the event of an accident, the watch person must press the SOS button for help. And then, the tracking crew gets a gadget alert and takes action on the spot.

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Thinkrace's approach is to create eco-gadgets, which connect families, operators, answer companies and manufacturer

and to offer higher protection and fitness to each circle of your own relatives. 

Thinkrace is the publisher of a provider of smart wearable devices, one-forestall IoT solutions

new products and the era for intelligent fitness from the elderly, recreation and fitness task control, protection and task tracking areas etc.

Source: https://es.linkedin.com/pulse/how-take-good-care-elderly-gps-smart-watch-winnie-hou?trk=pulse-article_more-articles_related-content-card

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