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How the Huawei Watch GT 3 shows what the Apple Watch looks like for Android

How the Huawei Watch GT 3 shows what the Apple Watch looks like for Android

Unless you enjoy the iPhone, you're not using the Apple Watch, because there's no way to connect it to a smartphone running anything other than iOS. 

But what if Apple suddenly allows android phones to connect to the Apple Watch? 

Having been using the Huawei Watch GT 3 lately, I've been given attention to what it's like, as I've come to terms with using a Huawei smartwatch, 

which definitely prioritizes the power of Huawei phones, with Anon-Huawei smartphones.

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Understand Watch GT 3 

How the Huawei Watch GT 3 shows what the Apple Watch looks like for Android
Photo live: the Huawei Watch GT 3

The Watch GT 3 software is HarmonyOS2.1, Huawei's own platform suitable for a variety of connected biases, connected to the Huawei Health app on your phone.

It is required to synchronize and modernize the Watch, and also acts as a mecca for all the health and power data that smartwatches collect. 

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When you start a watch for the first time, it tells you to download Huawei Health

which is available through Google Play and the App Store, so that's how most who don't enjoy Huawei phones will try to get it. 

Unless the Huawei Health app on Google Play doesn't support the Watch GT 3

and you're also forced to download the Huawei App Gallery from outside Google Play to modernize the app to the very back interpretation. 

It requires many ways and changes various warrants on Android, such as letting Chrome install apps and giving Huawei Health access to your phone and announcements. 

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It's all very much out - put down to the average person, who may not worry about all this maybe at all. 

Once you've done all this, the Watch GT 3 connects without any problems, but it's a rambling process that's not the experience the new owner will anticipate. 

However, if you enjoy a Huawei phone or indeed an iPhone, none of these exaggerated ways apply, and everything goes smoothly. 

But if you enjoy the iPhone, you'll have to buy an Apple Watch, and chances are you don't have a new Huawei phone either 

due to a general lack of vacuity encyclopedias, the Huawei P50 is still lost in action, and the P40 series is 20 months old. 

It makes you almost obviously maintain an Android phone, where you are met with an awkward setup process. 

Even worse, the Huawei Watch 3, which was released in July, is exactly the same, so there's clearly no rush on Huawei's part to change the effects.

However, you can go it will also bear a loop-jump analog, if Apple decides to give the Android crowd access to the Apple Watch. 

The question also becomes, is it worth going through all these original problems? 

How the Huawei Watch GT 3 shows what the Apple Watch looks like for Android

wearing Watch GT 3

Like the Apple Watch, the Watch GT 3 features are very tempting. Huawei knows how to design a great smartwatch, and the Watch GT 3 is a pretty big step up from the old Watch GT 2. 

It now shares the same look as the more valuable Watch 3 with the crown rotating at the two-clock position, and one button on the four-clock position. 

It's a much more ultramodern style than the Watch GT 2. It comes in two different case sizes – 46 mm and 42 mm models – which are excellent, and there's a choice of three shows with different strips and colors.

The case is made of pure sword with glass on top of the screen, and although it's primarily a plastic case back on the GT 3 rather than the full ceramic plant on the Watch 3, it's still smooth, shiny, and cold to the touch. 

It's much better than itchy plastic plants on some other cheap smartwatches. I've worn a 46 mm model

and the long lug-to-lug dimensions mean dominating my 6.5-inch wrist. Nonetheless

I've been wearing it all day without any problems, indeed weighing 42 grams, but don't want to wear it at night to overshadow sleep. It's just a little too big and big to do it comfortably.

The extensive collection of watch faces available for it makes customization simple

but worries many of them will have to be purchased, and the 22 mm swatch can be seamlessly changed, making the Watch GT 3 veritably watch-like to enjoy and wear. 

The battery life was solid, and I 'had seven days' in use with all the shadow detectors turned on, and the screen was always on as well. 

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Huawei says if you turn this off, battery life will stretch to 14 days, but I don't really see a point in doing this under normal circumstances. You can also fully use the smartwatch if you are going to wear it. 

Using Watch GT 3

When you start living with the Watch GT 3, you start noticing further issues with not using Huawei phones

which also becomes annoying because HarmonyOS2.1 is slickly designed, presto, and really enough to see. In other words, it's a great smartwatch to use. 

The 1.43-inch AMOLED display on the 46 mm model (1.32-inch AMOLED sits on the 42 mm model) is bright enough to be seen in all lighting conditions and very diverse, making for a terrible Watch GT 3 card menu. 


From a pretty meaningless but downright seductive moon phase card to a sharp defense of animated health data and textbooks, HarmonyOS2.1 is a visual feast. 

The Watch GT 3 isn't mocking to be a traditional watch, it really embraces the power of the processor and its screen capabilities

but nothing overloads you with data on a single runner, making it easy and convenient to use. I love the variety of health shadow features

and all the results tend to match what I got with my Apple Watch Series 7, showing both are also accurate.

But even so, there's always a nagging feeling the Watch GT 3 will be much happier if it connects to a Huawei phone. 

Tap the symbol for Huawei's Celia virtual addition, and stubbornly tell you they need a Huawei phone to operate. 

On Anon-Huawei phones, you don't respond to incoming shipments from the watch in each one, not indeed with canned replies, and there's no mobile payment support despite having the Wallet app installed.

There are 30 apps available through the Health app, but it's actually only Petal Charts that have consequences, and to use them in the Watch GT 3 it also needs to be installed and used on your smartphone. 

Again, it's a foreclosure if you have a Huawei phone with HarmonyOS, but many want to choose it over the Google Charts app that's derelict on Android phones.

However, you can go it will also be restricted, feature-wise, if Apple decides to give the Android crowd access to the Apple Watch. 

In the same way, we don't recommend buying a Wear smartwatch to go with your iPhone, it's hard to recommend using a Huawei smartwatch with an Android phone because you're not getting the full actual experience for your plutocrat.

It's a pity because the Watch GT 3 is so good, and if you enjoy Huawei phones, also that's a good purchase.

How the Huawei Watch GT 3 shows what the Apple Watch looks like for Android

Should you buy a Watch GT 3? 

There's room for a smartwatch like the Watch GT 3 to really clean up. The Apple Watch is only for iPhone owners, and great though the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic

we're still staying with the Wear platform to get to other smartwatches to offer options. 

That leaves us with a range of decent and inexpensive smartwatches, but wants high-quality commodities with better designs and better software. 

The Watch GT 3 will fill that gap if it doesn't feel so partial-in-a-half avoided as Huawei (understandably) prioritizes functionality for harmonyOS smartphones.

However, at around 230 British pounds/$305, the Watch GT 3 is a better choice of Huawei smartwatch than the 350 pound/$463 Watch 3, if you're willing to skip the kek. 

It's available now directly through Huawei's online store, or through retailers including Amazon, but needs to be imported into the U.S.

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