How Apple Might Plan to Redesign Its Smartwatch

How Apple might plan to redesign its smartwatch

The Apple brand is reportedly planning to update the design of the Apple Watch. 

It is said that the famous company plans to replace key design elements that have existed for about 4 years, or precisely since the first Apple Watch was launched in 2017. 

According to a report by Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office will officially issue a new patent this week from Apple.

Patents, company plans

The patent reveals that the company plans to replace the Digital Crown on its smartwatch into an optical sensor. 

Further reports suggest that the sensor will be able to identify user movements.

The "Watch with optical sensor for user input" patent shows how the company plans to use the new advanced sensor, which will allow users to scroll through the interface.

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Purpose of replacing the Digital Crown Apple Watch

The goal of the new design is to add new sensors to the Apple Watch, which will also reduce the number of moving parts in wearable gadgets. 

As per the patent, optical sensors convert user movements into system controls.

Removing the Digital Crown will allow the company to further lighten space, and its dampening will also be useful for other components such as a larger battery and bary features that are new sensors in the Apple Watch.

The redesign also says the smartwatch's durability will improve. 

The patent also reveals that the new optical sensor is more useful, which can be used to track breathing rate, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure and more.

Keep in mind, though, that the technology shown in Apple's patents is not certain to work, as it won't always achieve actual product performance. 

And it should be noted also, if the company does plan to replace this Digital Crown feature, it may take a longer time, even up to several years. 

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How to check for blood oxygen on apple watch

As per the leak, the Apple Watch 8, will be launched in 2022, and will bring new health features such as body temperature sensors. 

Not only that, rumors are already circulating regarding the new Sports variant that claims that the watch will come with a protective exterior like the Casio G-Shock watch and has impact shock resistance. 

This device is made to be intended for sports enthusiasts such as athletes, pedestrians and climbers.

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