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Happy Face - How Chopard Made Time To Smile

Happy Face- How Chopard Made Time To Smile
photos for: Happy Face-How Chopard Made Time To Smile 
Of course Julia Roberts, the most iconic smile proprietor in the business, 

was Chopard's only crusade choice to launch Happy Sport the First."Her smile is mesmerizing," said Caroline Scheufele, vice chairman and cultural director of the Hollywood actress'Swiss brand. 
The watch is a change from the original 1993 Happy Sport, but Chopard first transferred dancing diamonds on the front of the watch in 1976 with the launch of the Happy Diamonds watch line. 

Regarding her story, Scheufele said My mama plant a name for the first collection when she saw the first prototype and blatted,'This diamond is happier when it's free.

'The current technology meant that diamonds could only move inside the O- shaped circuit around the central timer. 

But the medium inspired Scheufele's father, the head of the family- possessed watchmaking company, to produce a zany- shaped pendant designed by 17- time-old Caroline featuring a dancing gem fashion. 
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Happy Face- How Chopard Made Time To SmilePhotos: Happy Face-How Chopard Made Time To Smile

 Chopard launched his first special jewelry collection shortly later. Scheufele's zany set the tone-cheerful, full of surprises-both for Chopard's future and his own first watch design. 

Steel Chopard and the Diamond Happy Sport The First, limited edition 788,£ Relaxed and dégagé yet precious and glamorous, 

Happy Sport is meant to capture the substance of independent and multifaceted contemporary feminity in the early 1990s. 

Scheufele explains"I loved skiing, swimming, running and, like utmost women at the time, I demanded a watch that I could wear all day, to work, spa, 

shopping and to go out at night."With this in mind, she envisaged a sports watch that would feature a Happy Diamonds look she loved so important. 
Happy Face-How Chopard Made Time To Smile 
Combining diamonds with sword sports watches is relatively radical. But, indeed more grueling, he wanted the diamond to beget screams throughout the dial, 

not just around it. To achieve this, each precious gravestone must be placed in a thin essence coliseum in the shape of a spinning top, cut and arranged so as not to scratch the sapphire chargers. 

So sure was the company chief that it wouldn't work that he promised to give Scheufele a limb of roses for every watch he vended. In the show, the watch materializes, just as Scheufele conceives, and the chief, losing count, sends him a rose backcountryi. 
 Floating diamonds mounted on the face of Happy Sport The First Happy Sport lead the way to a new period of women's watches, which are meant to be worn 24 hours a day. 

Since its original 1993, there have been numerous live duplications including Happy Snowflakes, made for skiing, and Happy Ocean, for strands. 
 Launched this month, Happy Sport the First offers two limited editions, one from watches (£), and the other from the 788 ( lucky number for Scheufele), 

made of sword with a diamond bezel (£). And there are eight further models (from£), including those fully covered with diamonds with white gold. 

All have been meliorated, says Scheufele, to give a softer, more womanlike look, and are equipped with Chopard's automatic watch machine, Manufacture Chopard09.01-C, with a 42-hour power reserve. 
Chopard wouldn't be Chopard without a spangling crusade in front of movie stars to mark this rearmost achievement. 

Scheufele first met Julia Roberts when the star made her first appearance in Cannes, in 2016, walking the red carpet barefoot, 

wearing Chopard diamonds and an emerald drop choker. According to legend, when asked about her footwear (she violated Cannes protocol in removing stilettos) Roberts replied,"If I've jewelry like this, 

I do not need shoes." Asked what Happy Diamonds raised for him, Roberts replied"The idea that commodity is going to be!"

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