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6 major smartwatch trends for 2022: bigger screens and more advanced health tracking

T3.com created this content as part of a paid cooperation with Huawei. The contents of this composition are entirely independent and solely reflect the editorial opinion of T3. 

6 major smartwatch trends for 2022: bigger screens and more advanced health tracking

This time has been great for wearable suckers as we have been treated to a number of astral smartwatch releases from Apple, Samsung, Garmin and Huawei, 

to name a many. Yes, despite a global epidemic, the grim march for smartwatch perfect carries on. 

Whether you are looking for a device to simply count your way or to keep track of every single health metric imaginable, 

or control your smart home, there has noway been further choice for consumers – our stylish smartwatch companion is substantiation of that. 

Now the time is coming to an end, we have been looking at the smartwatch trends that appeared this time and are trying to prognosticate what we can look forward to in 2022. 

From larger defenses to generally being further useful, then are T3's top prognostications. 

Trend# 1 Larger displays, same case size 

6 major smartwatch trends for 2022: bigger screens and more advanced health tracking

Maybe the biggest smartwatch launch in 2021 was the Apple Watch Series 7, complete with a smartphone-suchlike display that stretches right to the edges of the case. 

Thisbezel-less design has been popular on smartphones for a many times now, and it makes a lot of sense when it comes to smartwatches as people 

do not inescapably want larger smartwatches but they do want the UI to be easier to navigate. 

It would also make small textbook easier to read. Expanding the display by a many millimetres could mean a big difference. 

This large display allowed Apple to add a many redundant features, principal among which is a QWEERTY keyboard. 

Of course, now that Apple has pushed its smartwatch screen size to the limit we are awaiting to see a many analogous designs in 2022 from other companies. 

Trend# 2 Do further effects 

6 major smartwatch trends for 2022: bigger screens and more advanced health tracking. Image fossil

As the chips in our smartwatches get further and more important they'll start to be suitable to do further effects. 

This time Apple blazoned Apple CarKey as part of watchOS and iOS. The system offers support for digital auto keys, with the capability to unleash your auto using your Apple Watch. 

At the moment it's limited to just a many select buses ( substantially BMWs) but we anticipate to see further automotive manufacturers added in the coming times. 

We are also going to go out on a branch and say that Google Watch OS druggies will be getting this point soon too. 

Google lately blazoned that Android Auto is going to be getting a “ Digital auto key” point. 

At the moment it's limited to BMW's ( again) and the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S21 phones, 

but we would hope to see this list get some smartwatches added soon – perhaps the Google Pixel Watch?


Trend# 3 A smartwatch with a camera? 

Trend# 3 A smartwatch with a camera?, image Garmin

We lately saw that Samsung filed a patent for a smartwatch with a foldable screen and camera, 

now, I am not saying that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will surely have those features, 

but I do suppose that a lower smartwatch manufacturer might try adding a camera to stand out from the crowd. 

It couldn't only be used for taking a super quick snap, but could also be used for face unlock security. 

I know it wouldn't be the first smartwatch that includes a camera, but it could be the first smartwatch where the camera is actually good and useful. 

Trend# 4 Advanced health and fitness shadowing 

Trend# 4 Advanced health and fitness shadowing

Okay, this is where the true smartwatch development battlefield really is. In the once many times we have seen smartwatches gone from tracking introductory heart rate to able of taking taking ECGs

measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, and heart meter. 

The coming big advance for smartwatches will benon-invasive glucose readings. It could be life changing for people with diabetes. 

The detectors could also help descry prediabetes in millions more druggies – a precursor to class 2 diabetes – as well as help give health information for those looking to make better food choices. 

Glucose situations frequently spike ( indeed innon-diabetics) after eating certain foods, which can beget weight gain. 

These harpoons depend in the person, so covering them could help a stoner lose weight, or just stay healthy. 

Could we see this holy grail of health shadowing achieved in 2022? Time will tell

Trend# 5 Further options for Android druggies 

Trend# 5 Further options for Android druggies

Numerous Android druggies have been jealous of the Apple Watch since it was first released

and some argue that Android needs a analogous flagship smartwatch. 

Well, if recent rumours are to be believed also we could see a Google Pixel Watch released in 2022. 

Of course, Google has had its own smartwatch operating system, Wear Zilches, since 2014, 

but the tackle group is now working on a physical device. It'll serve a analogous part to the Pixel phones – amusement as an illustration of what Google’s software is truly able of when given the right tackle. 

Trend# 6 Longer battery life 

Trend# 6 Longer battery life

One of the most frequent examens of smartwatches is that the battery life does not last veritably long. 

This complaint has been around since the veritably first smartwatches were released as smartwatch battery life tends to range between a day and a week. 

We've a feeling, grounded on nothing, that smartwatch battery life will be a focus in 2022. 

It could be achieved in multiple ways, whether it's through more effective chips or a larger battery. 

What do you suppose of our prognostications? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. 

source of article rewrite: https://shamelesshosts.com/6-major-smartwatch-trends-for-2022-larger-screens-and-more-advanced-health-tracking/

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